Building an investment portfolio is hard work.

Not Anymore.

TickerID Process

Step 1:


Geopolitical Analysis

Is the President on Twitter again?

Economic Analysis

Current economic climate.

Company Profile

Basic corporate details.

Fundamental Analysis

Digging into the numbers to find an opportunity.

Technical Analysis

Identifying an opportunity on the price chart.

Price Analysis

Study of the pricing trends.

Investment Criteria

Executing the identified trade.

Capital Allocation

Maximum capital exposure to an investment.

Step 2:


Technical Risk

Identify possible weaknesses from the chart.

Price Risk

Identification of any price trend weakness.

Economic Risk

Identification of any economic trend weakness.

Capital Risk

Loss of capital.

Step 3:


Analysis Score

Aggregate score from analysis criteria.

Risk Score

Aggregate score from risk assessment.

Final Score

Final TickerID determination.

Step 4:


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